Staying Safe: Keeping Clear of Electrical Hazards Near the Water

Welcome back! Today WikiWiki would like to talk a little story about the hidden dangers of electric shocks in the water. Electrical dangers in and around your pool may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering safety, but the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Red Cross have reported 60 deaths and an additional 50 serious injuries over the past decade involving electrical hazards in and around swimming pools. Here are a few simple rules that can help you and yours to stay safe as you enjoy a swim: 

Keep all of your electrical equipment at a safe distance

It might sound elementary, but reassessing the distances between your electrical equipment and your pool could end up saving a life. Any items that fall into the water will place a current of electricity into the water, endangering the lives of anyone in or around the pool. Make sure that you keep a safe distance for all your electrical equipment, and when possible use battery-operated appliances instead of cord-connected appliances in and around your pool.

Maintain your pool lights

They might cast an illuminating glow at night, but your pool’s underwater lights also hold the potential to send voltage directly into the water during a malfunction, turning the water into a charged electrical current. Protect your ‘Ohana by becoming more familiar with the wiring system and setup of your pool lights, making sure to check on the regular for any issues or defects. It’s never a bad idea to call a licensed electrician to come and scope out the situation as well!

Thunderstorm safety

Although it might be tempting, do yourself a favor and give swimming in your pool during a thunderstorm a miss. Lighting strikes can severely damage nearby equipment or even strike the water itself, sending a massive electrical current. Better safe than sorry, and enjoy a swim after the storm has passed. 

Mind your extension cords and electrical switches

Speaking of things to avoid, best give a hard pass to using any extension leads or cords in and around your pool. It only takes a few splashes to turn them into an electrical danger, damaging the extension and creating the possibility for a current. It’s also a good practice to familiarize yourself with where the electrical switches and circuit breakers for all of your pool equipment and lights are located so that you’ll know how to turn them off in an emergency.

Putting these safety tips into practice will help to heighten the enjoyment that you and your ‘Ohana derive from having a pool, remaining on guard to protect against any potential accidents. In addition to the above, one of the biggest pool safety tips we have is to make sure your pool and all related equipment has been installed by a licensed, bonded professional electrician who is familiar with all of the rules and regulations to keep you safe. Give us a call today to start planning out how your pa hale will look with a brand-new pool this coming year!

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