Harness the Power of the Sun - Photovoltaic System

WikiWiki Solar and Electric can get you off the grid! with a Photo Voltaic system and battery pack to fit your needs.

We Specialize in Battery Packs

Battery packs can keep you powered up even when the grid goes down. Ask us about battery pack options

Wikiwiki Solar and Electric is Maui’s most reliable electrical contractor.

We believe in providing quality and friendly electrical services to you, contractors and business owners.

Wikiwiki Electric WikiVanWikiwiki Solar and Electric is proud to handle all of your electrical needs on Maui. Service and repair, residential construction, commercial contracting, low voltage systems, to photovoltaic solar and wind generating systems.

Wikiwiki Solar and Electric – The reliable choice for your electrical contractor. No Job is too challenging or too small.

Do you need emergency electrical service?
We can help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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Maui Electrical Service and Repair

At Wikiwiki Solar and Electric we service and repair at regular rates from 6am, to 6pm by appointment.

Emergency electrical service calls apply From 6pm to 6am Sunday through Saturday when appointments are not scheduled 24 hours in advance.

We can service and repair all your electrical needs, whether it is troubleshooting electrical outlets, to replacing your pool motors and equipment. We have the experience to handle all your electrical needs!

We specialize in:

  • Electrical main service upgrades

  • Surge arrestors

  • Outlets and switches

  • Can lighting

  • Landscape lighting

  • Remodels

  • Commercial kitchens

  • Water heater time clocks

  • Dimmers

  • Ballast and LED lighting

  • Breakers

  • Replace unsafe knob and tube with new safe wiring

  • Replace old outdated electrical panels

  • GFI’s

  • Track lighting

  • Art lighting

  • Energy efficient products

  • Professional trouble shooting

  • And much more!

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Wiki Wiki Solar and Electric is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer. Learn more about energy storage for your home.

Tesla Powerwall 2 can store double the solar energy to power your home day and night