Planning a Home Solar Electric System in 2022?

Installing a solar system at your home is a big investment. However, the benefits that home solar system offers are also big.

Proper installation of the solar system is paramount to ensure everything runs efficiently. Below are a few steps to consider to ensure your solar panel system is being installed correctly.

Steps To Take Before Installing a Solar Electric System

  • Assess Your Property’s Energy Efficiency

Before you begin with the installation of your Maui solar system, you should first consider your overall energy needs and based on those needs, you can determine the best approach to take for becoming more energy efficient.

If you are unsure of how to determine your current energy usage, your solar panel contractor can help you. He will be able to expertly factor in things like; Use of electronics, appliances, cooling & heating systems, lighting needs and more.

  • The Potential of Your Solar

Prior to making a final decision about using solar power, you’ll want to either assess or have a professional provide you with an assessment of the amount of solar energy that can be generated at your place of residence. While solar resources are designed to generate electricity, the amount generated will depend on the amount of the sun’s energy reaching your place and the size of your solar system.

There are several online mapping tools to help you find out your property’s solar energy potential. There are also instant estimators like this one here that you can use to generate a no hassle estimate based on your current electric bill and zip code. Or, as an alternative, and for the most accurate assessment, you can contact a professional solar panel installation company for an accurate assessment.

  • Get Quotes and Assessments

Before choosing a solar panel installation company, make sure you conduct thorough research to ensure you are hiring a qualified professional with proper certifications and guarantees. As you’ll see here Wiki Wiki Solar & Electric offers the strongest warranty in the Solar industry.


If you’re planning to proceed with a Maui solar system installation, taking these pre-steps into consideration will help you make sure you’re getting not only the best solar system installation for your budget, but also the best service and warranties on the island.

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