Living Off The Grid: Is It Right For You?

The ideals of energy independence have been well-established for centuries now, reflecting our innate desire for the beauty and preservation of nature and our own inherent, personal freedoms.  Henry David Thoreau helped to advance the ideas of independent living and self-sustainability in the mid-1800s with the publication of Walden, his treatise on transcendental living in natural surroundings. Since that time, the idea of going ‘off the grid,’ or building a lifestyle without one or more public utilities, has been increasing in popularity with many who feel increasingly invested in the well-being of our environment. Indeed, going off the grid can be an enticing proposition for those who are seeking a more-sustainable way of life, and to break their dependence on the power and utility companies. Disengaging from the electrical grid entails creating a life in which one generates their own power for their home, along with even possibly growing their own food and collecting their own water as well. 

For the purposes of this article, we will primarily focus on either living ‘half-on, half-off’ the grid, or on the modern innovations of moving off-grid entirely with the power of solar energy. Although you can certainly choose to go completely off the grid and without any modern technologies to smooth the way, roughing it in this fashion is likely not for everyone (though we salute those who do!). 

Living half on/half off the grid

Current PV solar systems allow for families to remain connected to the grid as well, drawing on its power when necessary but otherwise relying on the sun for their home’s energy needs. One of the benefits to this approach entails the stored energy that you generate being sent back to the grid itself, which then results in the utility company crediting you for the power that you’ve generated, like an energy bank deposit! Many will find that choosing to live half-on, half-off of the electrical grid will allow them to experience the best of both worlds, living comfortably while still minimizing their connection to the electrical grid. This could be an excellent option for those who would like to explore the benefits of renewable energy without diving headfirst, and for those who want to take things a bit slower. Every lifestyle is unique, is different, and having a custom-designed energy system can help to delineate the right combinations of self-reliance with electrical grid backup to 

Modern, off-grid living

For those more fully invested in creating energy independence, breaking free entirely from the power grid and the utility companies represents a bold, innovative style of life that is the most-compatible with eco-friendly sustainability. Going without access to the grid requires a battery bank to provide the storage and power necessary to meet a household’s energy requirements, which can entail a larger investment upfront. Installing an energy storage system will allow you to gain a fuller sense of energy independence, as batteries can then store the excess energy taken in by your solar panels to be utilized later on when your solar system is not producing power, e.g. at night. Thanks to ongoing advances in solar technology, breaking free from the power companies has never been easier due to the sophistication and modern design of many solar-powered systems, complete with deep cycle batteries and backup generators to give your home the energy independence you crave.  

Regardless of your preferences, the time is right to explore how the power of solar energy can help you and yours save big on your monthly energy costs! Each month, families connected to the electrical power grid are trapped in a utility system without options, and one that costs up to 80% more than the power of solar energy. You’re at the mercy of rising fossil fuel costs, paying for outdated infrastructure, and are constantly vulnerable to power outages. Don’t stay vulnerable to rising fossil fuel costs, paying for outdated power company infrastructure, and frequent power outages. Give us a call or visit our website to get started on your free solar quote, and pay no electric bills for the next 90 days!

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