How Energy Efficiency is Shaping Our Lives

Back in the 1950s, the ‘Home of Tomorrow’ was imagined to come complete with flying cars and talking robots who would attend to our every domestic need. Although we’re not quite there yet, there’s much else about the future of our homes and neighborhoods that has come to fruition, particularly around the ideals of clean energy and ongoing sustainability to help our planet stay healthy. Net-zero energy homes are starting to shake up the housing market, producing as much energy as they consume and optimizing their energy consumption to pave the way towards a new era of self-sustainability. Today we’d like to explore a bit of what the future holds for energy-efficient homes of tomorrow, and what you can start to get excited about today!

9 Ways To Improve Energy Efficiency In Your Home - Home Construction | Stanley Homes

  • More interconnectivity within our homes and our neighborhoods

As the proliferation and adoption of electronic devices and the ‘Internet of Things’ continues to grow, so it shall also be within our homes and communities. The adaptation of new technology within appliances and gadgets will make it possible to provide both real-time data and interconnectivity within your hale, making it easier than ever to monitor their performance and current status. Smart appliances are displaying an ever-increasing capacity to monitor their own energy consumption and run other diagnostic sets, all while drawing even less energy as sustainable technology continues to grow. You can read more about some exciting innovations in smart and energy-efficient technology here in an excellent article from, giving you an idea as to what’s coming down the pike!

  • Brighter and better lighting 

In a previous blog, we touched on the benefits of LED (light emitting diode) technology, which can greatly outlast and outperform traditional incandescent bulbs by a significant margin. The sustained improvements of LED-based technologies will also play a significant role in the homes of tomorrow, and LED lighting is increasingly able to self-adapt and take in sensory data with its surroundings, including the room’s current occupancy and overall color/lighting needs. 

  • Ongoing advancement of solar technology

Solar-based technologies continue to pave the way forward for energy efficient homes of tomorrow, utilizing the sun’s rays to generate an awesome amount of power and making it possible to establish energy independence altogether. Whether homes are adapting to partial-grid independence or full on energy sustainability through the adaptation of solar batteries, it’s clear that PV-based systems remain on the forefront of our community’s sustainability and economic viability for decades to come. 

  • A complete transition away from fossil fuels

It’s true! All-electric homes and communities are helping to pave the way towards a future in which no fossil fuels are utilized for energy whatsoever. Efficient, smart homes will continue to advance the proliferation of clean and renewable energy resources to power their gadgets and keep their electricity flowing. Governments across the world are helping to transition their planning towards renewable energy resources in their communities, and Hawaii has announced its plan to achieve the nation’s first ever 100% clean energy portfolio by the year 2045. Here at WikiWiki Solar and Electric we’re proud to be a part of Hawaii’s energy solutions, for the homes of both today and tomorrow! Visit our website at to get started on your free consultation. A hui hou!

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