Hawaii Turning to Solar to Replace Fossil Fuels

A few of the perks of living in Hawaii are serene beaches, gorgeous fauna and flora, show-stopping sunsets, and more.

Unfortunately, the economics of life in Hawaii can turn “Maui ” into “Owie”.

As the oil prices are skyrocketing, the island is turning toward the natural source of energy- the Sun. While many other states hesitated to make a change, traditional Hawaiian energy companies decided to take the leap.

The global supply chain headwinds and pricing pressures have resulted in delays and a few cancellations for solar energy storage contracts in Hawaii. Thus, Hawaii responded by putting the energy transition to the test.

Welcoming the Sun in Maui, Hawaii

According to the Energy Information Administration, oil-burning power plants fueled 67% of Hawaii’s electricity in 2021. It dropped 10% as compared to the last decade. Nevertheless, the energy provided was still higher than the national average. That is because a large part was invested in importing natural gas.

However, the reliance on the imports from Russia, the supplier of a third of the state’s oil, has turned into a costly proposition for a number of reasons.

According to the NYT, Hawaii’s electricity rates tripled the national average. Fortunately, the government took aggressive measures by offering incentives. They bought into the energy firms that helped residents turn to solar panel installation company Maui in order to install solar panels and address the problem of increasing electricity prices.

Recently, on average, 33% of Hawaiian homes are solar-equipped, which is double that of California. Maui solar companies are helping the residents to adopt solar energy in Hawaii now!

The government offers $4250 (the third of the overall cost) to the homeowners who install solar panels equipped with batteries in the state of Oahu, home to 70% Hawaiian population. The utility companies who have lobbied around such incentives have embraced this change because they are allowed to tap that excess energy stored in the batteries during the high energy consumption hours.

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