Happy Employees Make For a Happy Team!

Office or company culture is quite a buzzword these days in the blogosphere. You’re probably well aware of the need to keep your employees happy and productive, but have you really given this the thought and attention that it deserves? A strong office culture isn’t something that can develop overnight, or as a result of a single presentation focusing around self-care. These days, employers need to make sure that they’re investing in their workers, both as employees and as people, to ensure their customers are receiving the highest-quality service from employees that feel they are being valued to the highest degree. We’d like to take some time today to share with you a brief overview of why treating your workers well is so vital to your business, along with a few ideas on how to increase your employee’s overall satisfaction.

Developing Relationships and Involving Workers

Employees aren’t just the lifeblood of an enterprise; they’re caring, passionate human beings who sometimes spend just as much time with their working families as they do their families at home, if not more! Recognizing the multifaceted and nuanced nature for all the different roles your employees fulfill in their lives is tantamount to both their overall job satisfaction and to their ongoing happiness in the workplace. Furthermore, your employees are looking to feel a sense of autonomy within their relationship to the work that they do, and to feel engaged in the company’s processes and decision-making. Presenting employees with your most-authentic self, and encouraging them to do the same, fosters a growing sense of unity and improves the overall experience for both management and for workers. 

Make Sure Your Employees Can Share Their Experiences and Knowledge

Studies have shown that employees display much higher levels of work-related satisfaction when they are given an avenue to share their feedback and concerns. Employee engagement and retention is an ongoing process, not one that simply ends after their new hire orientation! Far too often, employers will simply fail to engage meaningfully with their employees around their feedback, or lack the appropriate follow-up once feedback has been solicited. Workers want to feel that they have an equitable say in how things are going at your business, which helps them to feel more invested in company outcomes and as a true part of the team. 

Maximizing Their Talents and Minimizing Turnover

Employees who feel minimized and underappreciated typically don’t stick around for too long. Companies that struggle to engender a positive and collaborative environment are often involved in a frequent, madcap dash to hire a new round of trainees to make up for this, harming their overall continuity and morale. Employees that have been able to learn new skills and feel cared for by their employers will grow right alongside a company, flourishing in their roles and discovering new ones for the betterment of both their own ‘Ohana and the company ‘Ohana as well!

Employees Remain a Vital Investment for Every Business

Treating your employees with pono and encouraging their continued evolution as humans and as workers continues to be one of the most-impactful ways that a company can bolster itself for continued growth and increasing satisfaction. Invested, respected employees will treat your customers the same way that they themselves have been treated, and will also evidence increasing productivity for their work output and an overall sense of well-being within the general office culture. WikiWiki Solar and Electric knows just how important it is to treat our employees with the reverence and respect they deserve. Along with our customers, they’ve helped us to become Maui’s #1 choice for all of their solar and electrical needs, and we’re working hard to keep it that way. A hui hou!

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