Wikiwiki Solar & Electric: Making your Home More Energy Efficient

The phrase; `Climate justice’ is echoing all over the world Including Maui. People are becoming aware of serious threats to the climate and are ever-more considering using Solar power and battery-driven vehicles. Technological advancements are paving the path for the “clean energy use” mission of Maui Solar Companies. The imbalance in the ecosystem must be rectified, thus there is an grave need for greater adoption of renewable resources.

Solar panels come with a plethora of benefits and there are a wide array of rebates and offers available to further convince and entice people who are considering solar, to finally make the transition. Maui Solar companies are more than happy to cater and provide customs solutions to meet the preferences of these prospective customers.

Let’s learn about Tesla Powerwalls and what they do

The Tesla Powerwall is a specific type of lithium-ion battery, introduced in year 2015. Wiki Wiki is one of the select companies that provides installation services of solar panels Maui for the Tesla Powerwall brand. The Tesla Powerwall stores solar power and returns electricity when needed. Given that solar energy is not available at night, it is important to have a system like the Tesla Powerwall that can store the power for you.

A few conditions that require pre-stored energy

There are times when you might need a strong battery backup as part of your Solar Panel Maui install. Such times include;

  • At night
  • When it is cloudy, rainy or overcast
  • When your grid is offline
  • During a power outage

In all the aforementioned cases, you can use your Tesla Powerwall to power you through. Various versions of Tesla Energy are offered by Maui Solar Companies. Below are some of the benefits of owning a Tesla Powerwall System.

  •  Cost-friendly and effective
  •  Great storage capacity
  •  Reliable during “traditional” power outtages
  • A solid option or alternative to net-metering

Tesla does not sell direct to the consumer. They can only be purchased through Tesla-certified companies. The biggest advantage of the Tesla Powerwall System is its long-life span.

Things you’ll need to ensure your Solar Panel Maui w/ Tesla Powerwall System is fully operational

  • You need to have an internet connection with good speed so that you can monitor the power generation activity through the Tesla Powerwall App
  • You need to have a smartphone to observe the system on the app.

The Tesla Powerwall system collects all the energy into the battery and then returns it when no energy is being generated. Most homeowners love to use this and find it better than net metering.