Why Should You Consider Installing Solar Panels at Your Home?

Back in April of this year, 2022, Maui News wrote an article titled “Severe weather batters aging power grid”. For your convenience, I will include a portion of this article below;

Power outages from severe weather have doubled over the past two decades across the U.S., as a warming climate stirs more destructive storms that cripple broad segments of the nation’s aging electrical grid, according to an Associated Press analysis of government data.

Forty states are experiencing longer outages — and the problem is most acute in regions seeing more extreme weather, U.S. Department of Energy data shows. The blackouts can be harmful and even deadly for the elderly, disabled and other vulnerable communities.

Power grid maintenance expenses are skyrocketing as utilities upgrade decades-old transmission lines and equipment. And that means customers who are hit with more frequent and longer weather outages also are paying more for electricity.

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As a whole our country has grown accustomed to relying on the power grid to keep us comfortable. So comfortable in fact that some haven’t made the choice to pivot to the more reliable, sustainable and earth friendly mode of power generation, Solar Panels.

There are countless reasons why we, one of the top Maui Solar Companies, advise that you make the switch from the traditional power grid to Solar Power, but we understand that for each person there will be a different reason as to why you make the switch. For some it will be the ability to heavily reduce their electricity bill, for others it may be to increase the value of their home and still for others it may be that they just want to leverage a cleaner energy source and reduce their carbon emissions.

No matter your reason, we will be here to service you when you’re ready.

As a CertainTeed Master Solar Installer, we are one of a select group of Maui solar companies not only capable of installing your solar panels but also able to provide you with the strongest warranty in the solar industry, which you can read more about here.

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