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Attention all Maui Solar System customers and installers; Solar panels are primed for an overhaul and the best solar panel company Maui is excited to tell you more about it. Most standard solar panels are black in color as they are meant to serve as a functional addition to any home or business more-so than an aesthetic improvement. However, standard black solar panels may soon have some colorful competition. Why you ask? Because So, Tao Ma, Ruzhu Wang, and his colleagues have set out to provide a way of giving solar panels color using a structural material that will be easy and cost-considerate to apply, while still maintaining their ability to efficiently produce energy.

ACS Nano does a good job going into greater detail explaining how and why these scientists are working on creating colorful panels.

What challenges are these scientists trying to overcome?

Color theory and its impact: Let’s briefly touch on the color reflection and absorption theory. If a blue object appears blue that means it reflects blue light and absorbs all other visible wavelengths of light. In the case of solar panels, if solar panels look black, they are absorbing all colors instead of reflecting them. While attempting to introduce color to the world of solar panels these scientists need to find a way to do so without having negative power generation implications. Therefore, the scientists are working to develop technology that will utilize microscopic shapes to return the discerning parts of the light. While it is a great endeavor to continue tracking, thankfully the best solar panel company Maui doesn’t have to solve this problem. We’ll just continue to monitor the project and when it’s ready, we’ll make sure our clients are made aware so that they can reap the aesthetic benefits.

How close are they to figuring this out?

They’re getting very close. Research suggests using a spray of photonic glass on Monochromatic solar glass. Through research, they have found that this material absorbed most of the light wavelength but was also able to reflect a narrow part of it. A brilliant idea, as this material is also relatively inexpensive and works similarly to butterfly wings. Butterfly wings have scales that reflect particular hues and colors similar to how these new colorful solar panels would be expected to do. If taking this measure proves to be fruitful, then we will welcome these new color solar panels into the Maui solar system.


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