Lighting up hospitals with the power of solar: Saving lives, saving the future

No industry has remained untouched by the perks of solar energy. However, one industry that can be completely revolutionized by the power of solar is none other than the healthcare industry. Well-customized solar solutions recommended by certified solar installer company Maui professionals can benefit hospitals, medical diagnostic laboratories, and other healthcare institutions in so many ways. Solar can open the doors to unrivaled possibilities for healthcare facilities, especially in rural and semi-urban regions. Let us shed light on the various financial, environmental, and life-saving advantages of installing a solar system in your medical clinic or hospital.

Substantial Reduction in Electricity Expenses:

Whether it’s a small-scale or a large-scale medical establishment, huge electricity bills are always a cause for concern. With so much electrically powered clinical equipment and other diagnostic devices like CT scanners, MRI, ECG, ultrasound, and X-ray machines in place, hospitals are bound to suffer the financial burden of considerably high electricity bills. Thus, going solar is undeniably the most effective way to curb rising utility expenditures. Maui’s tremendous heat and the resulting elevated electricity demand can put extra pressure on the grid, leading to increases in energy taxes. That is the reason hospitals in Maui should reduce their reliance on the grid and generate their electricity with solar, says experienced solar installer company Maui experts.

Protect the environment by going off-grid:

Do you want your medical facility to make a greater widespread impact by saving the health of not only the patients who utilize your services but also those who don’t?

Consider this: depending on the traditional grid for energy needs will only lead to more greenhouse gas emissions as fossil fuels are used by them to generate electricity. These emissions further become the cause of global warming, which in turn leads to natural tragedies like floods, droughts, wildfires, etc. Contrary to this, solar panels can produce power with zero emissions, therefore helping the healthcare sector contribute to the betterment of the climate, suggests the best solar panel company Maui Specialists. Increased use of renewable energy sources can save many from the havoc created by natural disasters and also reduce the negative effects of pollution on public health.

Ensure uninterrupted critical care operations:

Power outages or blackouts due to extreme weather events pose serious risks for the smooth operation of maternity hospitals, critical care centers (ICUs and NICUs), etc. Even a brief electricity interruption can disrupt the functioning of life-support systems such as ventilators, heart defibrillators, oxygen cylinders, blood bank refrigerators, vaccine refrigerators, etc. Installing a solar system along with reliable battery storage with the help of solar installer company Maui technicians is the only sure-shot way to save the lives of patients. Throughout the day, the solar panel produces electricity from the sunlight, and the excess power can be stored in the battery. In the event of any power failure, the hospital can use the required supply from the same storage, thus remaining unaffected by the traditional grid electricity supply disruption.


If you want to make a smooth transition to solar and don’t know where to start, make sure you consult the best solar panel company Maui experts. At WikiWiki Solar & Electric, we will ensure you get a 360-degree customized solar plan for your healthcare facility. Don’t make the mistake of hiring an incompetent installer, as even a little negligence can hinder the routine operations of the hospital and can prove fatal for your patients. As a seasoned solar panel installation company, we provide world-class solar panel installation services. Call us today at (808) 244-9454 to schedule a free consultation.