Let the Leading Maui Solar Companies Install Panels on Tile Roof

A sleek tile roof doesn’t just protect your home; it can also generate clean, renewable energy. It’s like getting the best of both worlds, isn’t it? While the initial costs might seem steep, solar panel installation will eventually pay for itself through energy savings. A frequent question from homeowners is whether their specific roofing material is compatible with solar panels. Good news: solar panels work well with tile roofs when properly installed.

Installing solar panels on a tile roof isn’t your run-of-the-mill DIY task—it requires specialized skills and precision. At WikiWiki, we bring over a decade of experience as one of the premier Maui solar companies to the table. We specialize in mounting solar systems on tile roofs. Here’s a closer look at how we get it done.

Get to Know Your Tile Roof:

Our professional solar panel electrician Maui thoroughly evaluates your tile roof as the first step. There are several types of tile roofs, including concrete, clay, and metal. The style of tile also varies – flat shingle tiles, interlocking tiles, or curved barrels.

We understand the unique attributes of the roof and design the best installation system. Our solar professionals evaluate roofs to detect problem areas and provide precise measurements. We then design a panel layout for your roof structure.

Custom Mounting for Each Tile Type:

Our team designs racking for your specific tile shape and material. Concrete or clay barrel tiles need curved flashings that conform along the rounded surface. Interlocking flat tiles require hooks that slide under overlapping sections. Metal shingles need clamps to prevent rusting.

No matter your tile type, our brackets and rails are designed for secure attachment without penetrating the fragile tile surface. The flashing creates a watertight seal protecting from leaks. The end result – your stunning tile roof accentuated by sleek solar panels.

Fortified for Hurricanes:

Our solar mounting systems are engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds. Our solar panel electrician Maui installs attachment points to distribute weight and uplift forces evenly across the roof. Our durable aluminium and stainless steel construction resists corrosion in Maui’s tropical climate.

We being one of the top Maui solar companies only use the highest-quality components rated for critical wind loads. We provide tile hooks and seam clamps to keep panels locked in place through storms.

Maximizing Solar Energy Production:

Our goal is to optimize the performance of your solar panel system. We strategically position the panels to maximize sun exposure throughout the day. Our experienced professionals take into account factors such as roof orientation and shading before installing the panels.

Efficient Installation Process:

Once permitting and preparations are complete, our skilled solar panel electrician Maui begins the installation efficiently. We carefully attach and wire the panels after securely removing selected tiles and installing the flashing substructure. We take pains to keep your lawn and interiors safe.

Our specialists restore tiles and waterproof all roof penetrations. We keep you updated on progress and future actions throughout the process.


WikiWiki Solar & Electric wants to make the installation of solar panels on tile roofs a pleasant and rewarding experience. We are confident in providing outstanding service due to our knowledge in dealing with tile roofs and our commitment to excellence. You may enjoy the beauty and practicality of your tile roof while reaping the advantages of solar energy by selecting us as your solar service provider.

We are the top choice for quality and service among the Maui solar companies. Contact us today for a free consultation. Let’s discuss how we can customize a solar system perfect for your tile roof and home.