How to Increase the Life of Your Solar Panels?

Solar panels make for an Eco-friendly source of energy as they are designed to convert sunlight into electricity. However, the solar panels deteriorate over time and have to be repaired or replaced. Most solar panels in Maui last 25 to 30 years.

Here are a few simple steps that you can follow to maximize your solar panel’s output as you work to reduce your carbon footprint.

Regular Inspection

Get your solar panels inspected regularly to spot potential defects and functionality issues. Regular repair and maintenance from a reputable solar panel company can help prevent the problem from getting bigger. Whenever you see any loose racks, damaged panels, exposed wiring or any cracks, you should immediately call a professional to address the issue.

Keep The Panels Clean

Cleaning solar panels is often ignored even though it plays a pivotal role in preventing damage. Even bird droppings can damage your solar panels. One way to mitigate this issue is to install bird barriers to avoid birds nesting on your panels, especially if there is a large bird population in your area.

Keep your solar panels in Maui clean for excellent energy conversion.

Right Direction of The Panels

Place your solar panels in the direction of the sun or at the angle receiving the most sunlight, to get the best results.

If the sunlight is being blocked by a tree or any other object, your solar panels won’t produce at maximum efficiency. Therefore, it is advisable to trim the trees, or remove any objects obstructing the sunlight, to ensure maximum output from your solar panels.

Leverage Rebates

Being that solar power is good for the environment, rebates are often offered to promote the installation of solar panels at the federal, state, and local levels. Local utilities may also provide perks or incentives on residential and commercial solar installations.


It is important that all of these parameters are adhered to, in order to boost and sustain your solar panel’s output.

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