How to choose the right solar installation company…the first time!

So you’ve decided to go solar! It’s a good call, what with the amount of sunshine we have to work with here in paradise. On average, the sun shines in Maui County over 276 days per year, guaranteeing solid yields year-round for your new photovoltaic solar-powered system. But all systems are not created equal, nor are the companies that you’ll entrust to install them. How can you be sure to choose the best solar installer on Maui?

Maximizing your yield

Every ray of sunlight is full of energy, carrying with it the ability to provide power to every aspect of your home or business. Your monthly energy consumption rate is the starting point for every solar installation expert, as a comprehensive plan is essential to ensure the maximum benefit for your new solar power system. Optimizing your solar capacity is accomplished via observing energy consumption data for every month of the year. This approach allows your installer to predict any future increase in your energy needs. Your solar installation company must leave room for the possible expansion of the photovoltaic system and design according to your needs both present and future.

Getting more bang for your buck

The installation company you choose to set up your new solar energy system must combine the expertise of design with the implementation of planning the precise location of the panels. As the trajectory of the sun changes depending on the season, an experienced and professional installation company will predict the exact slope of the system panels to optimally distribute enough energy throughout the structure to best fit your energy needs. Calculating the number of sunny hours on a daily, monthly, and annual basis ensures that you are getting the most bang for your buck, and combines with careful planning and placement to structure a powerful and renewable energy system. Additionally, forecasting the system’s output under various sky conditions can help to determine the monthly revenue and investment repayment per the generation of this free, renewable energy resource in your dwelling or business.

Additional considerations

Once your system has been installed, comprehensive technical support and ongoing maintenance are required in order to keep everything running smoothly. Your solar installer will continue to provide remote monitoring of the system to ensure consistent and optimal operation. Additionally, any further maintenance should be attended to immediately, making it a necessity to contract with a local, kama’aina company who will be there fast and attend to your every solar need.

An investment in solar energy is by far one of the most cost-effective ways to revolutionize your energy needs. The renewable power of the sun can benefit all residential, commercial, or utility-scale systems applications, providing major cost-savings for decades to come. The lifespan of solar panels checks in at around 25 years, and the ongoing savings from your new solar system depends on the synergy between choosing top of the line products and having them installed and maintained professionally. Here at WikiWiki Solar and Electric, we guarantee that your investment in solar energy will be attended to with the utmost in care and professionalism, so that you and your ‘Ohana can enjoy the life-changing benefits of sustainable and clean energy, now and for generations to come. Aloha!