How Seaside Areas Can Leverage More Benefits of Going Solar

For coastal homeowners and business owners, leveraging solar energy makes great practical and economic sense. Situated along the shoreline with open sea views, coastal properties are ideally positioned to take full advantage of the sun’s renewable power. With our team of experienced Maui solar company at WikiWiki, we’ve helped many properties start saving on electricity costs while reducing their environmental footprint. Coastal regions have some unique advantages when it comes to solar that can maximize your return on investment even more, which we’ll explore further.

Coastal Environments Are Prime for Solar:  Areas near water receive ample sunlight throughout the day and year-round compared to areas near mountains or dense tree cover. Whether facing the open ocean or inland sea, locations along Maui’s coast receive Maui’s tropical sunshine annually without seasonal variations. Consistent, strong sun exposure makes coastal properties well-suited for photovoltaic panels. Optimal sun exposure translates to higher solar panel performance and increased energy generation. Our solar panel electrician Maui has found that solar systems installed on coastal properties typically see higher annual energy production compared to similar other installations.

Salt Air Has a Self-Cleaning Effect on Solar Panels:  Another solar advantage in coastal regions is that the ocean breeze carries microscopic salt particles that have a natural cleaning effect on solar panels. The salt and minerals in the air help break down organic debris like pollen and bird droppings that can accumulate on panels over time and reduce their performance. This self-cleaning process means coastal solar panel systems tend to maintain a higher level of energy generation for longer compared to inland systems that need to be manually cleaned more frequently.

Leverage the Space: Waterfront lots tend to have more square footage, allowing homeowners to install larger solar systems for increased energy generation. Our professional Maui solar contractors help design systems optimized for available roof and land areas. More panels mean harvesting the sun’s power potential at a greater scale.

Coastal Properties Are Less Likely to See Shading Issues:  Being situated near the ocean also provides the benefit of wide-open views with fewer nearby tall trees or structures that could cast shadows on solar panels and reduce output at certain times of the day. Our skilled solar panel electrician’s in Maui know that coastal homes and businesses experience fewer shading issues over the course of a year compared to similar inland properties. Less shading means solar panels can operate at maximum efficiency to generate more energy.

Resilience Against Power Outages: Those living or working in coastal communities know all too well the increased risks of severe weather events like hurricanes and nor’easters that can knock out power for extended periods. Having a solar energy system with battery backup becomes even more important in these regions to provide power resilience. A solar system installed by our experts is designed not just to save on electricity costs but also to keep the lights on when traditional utilities fail during storms.

Reduce Carbon Impact:  Transitioning just a portion of energy consumption from fossil fuels to solar shrinks reliance on polluting energy sources. This leads to a smaller collective carbon footprint, improving sustainability for coastal environments serving as tourism destinations.

Save on Utilities Long-Term:  Upfront solar costs compare favorably against long-term electricity bills, with the average residential system paying for itself within a few years. After the break-even point, a solar energy system produces free power for decades. Our certified Maui solar contractors help customers understand specific return-on-investment timelines and also assist them in securing rebates.

Contact WikiWiki for a Free Site Assessment:  If you have a home or business along the coast, now is the ideal time to start enjoying the benefits of solar power. Partnering with a reputable solar firm is key to properly leveraging these advantages. Reach out to WikiWiki’s renowned solar panel electrician’s in Maui today to schedule a your site assessment. Our team will accurately evaluate factors like roof space, sun exposure, and electricity usage to design a custom solar energy system for you.