Ever wondered if your solar panels will produce energy on cloudy & wintery days and nights?

 If this question is on your mind, you aren’t the only one. Thankfully, we have an answer.

1. Overcast Days: Power generation by residential PV panels is done with both direct and indirect sunlight. It means that on days when the sunlight is not direct, while the generation of electricity may be lower, your system is still generating electricity. So, if you are contemplating installing a solar panel system and this question has been preventing you from doing so, connect with a reliable solar installer company Maui to learn more about how both direct and indirect sunlight will be harnessed by your system to power your home in both sunny and not so sunny days.

2. Winter and energy production: The greatest misconception is that solar panels will not work in winter. The key ingredient often misconstrued is that solar panels need sunlight, not heat. So, in winter, `heat’ might be missing in action but sunlight still often prevails. Thus, your systems energy production will remain the same as it is in summer. While it’s true that heavy snowfall can be an obstacle in the path of using solar energy but not cold. The panels sold by solar installer company Maui will work well in cold too.

3. Night and solar production: Of course this means that during the night hours, your system will not be producing electricity. However, that is why your system is designed to store electricity in reserve for evening use.

Solutions for cloudy, wintery and low light durations:

So, what can help you on low-light days?

  • Net metering

The `net metering’ technique can help on cloudy days. When the energy generation is too high, the excess energy goes to the grid and the credits can be used on cloudy days. Your solar installer company Maui can install a net metering system to help you out on during these low-light days. The consumer should also inquire about which panels will work best on cloudy days. There are various types of panels – some are tailored for the areas where the sunlight is more indirect. So, it is advisable to consult a solar installer company Maui for the right make and model of solar panel installation for your home or business.

  • Solar battery installation

The other option is the installation of a solar battery. If you think that sending the energy back is not what you want to do, you can have a solar battery installed that will save your energy for cloudy, low-light days. You can even get bigger panels than you require. This can also help you save a huge amount of energy for those gloomy dark days.

Solar energy is a renewable and sustainable source of energy and other energy sources are less reliable than solar panels. Get your solar panels installed now by calling Wikiwiki Solar & Electric – the best solar panel company Maui.