Photovoltaic Solar Systems

We have installed 100’s of electrical photovoltaic solar systems. We have designed and installed both micro inverter systems, and string inverter systems with battery back up.

Did you know?

We have the capability to remove you from Maui Electric’s grid and have your very own photovoltaic battery stand alone system!

That’s right!

Your own personal electrical generation plant! We specialize in installing only the best photovoltaic materials, including Solar Edge, Enphase, SMA, Sunnyboy, Fronius, Hyudai, LG, and Canadian Solar. We use only stainless steel fasteners for our systems. Our systems are backed by a 7 year warranty with Wikiwiki Solar and Electric, and most manufactures have a 25 year warranty on their products! We have the ability to install a solar system on your home for as little as zero down.

Have you been turned down from Maui Electric because your area is too saturated with photovoltaic? Let us refile for you and hopefully turn that around. Watts better than free electricity? Talk to your tax professional, the state and federal tax credits will not be around forever.